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Neighborhood Entry Monuments

A monument sign is excellent for company/neighborhood identification and for establishing the desired “sense of arrival” into your community/business/campus/etc. Monuments are used to make a statement, and to clearly communicate an expectation of what the visitor can/should expect now that they have arrived. As permanent free-standing structures, monuments can be designed and built in the widest variety of shapes and sizes utilizing an equally wide variety of materials.

The objective is always to create the most effective entry possible for your new community, an entry that not only establishes the proper “feel” for the neighborhood, but the proper reinforcement of your company’s corporate identity. We are sensitive and cognizant of all of this, and we will design a monument that does exactly what it needs to do…through the perfect use of size, shape, materials, construction techniques and illumination.

There are few limits – other than the governing codes and your own imagination.